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The Lessinia

The Lessinia

The Lessinia mountains may be reached easily from Jago. This alpine plateau extends from the north of Verona up to the borders with the province of Trento. The Lessinia is a gentle mountain area which attracts tourists in every season and is characterised by deep valleys, hornbeam woods, beech, red spruce, meadows and grassland.

The Natural park of the Lessinia was founded in 1990 to protect the area which covers over 10,000 hectares. The area has been modelled over time by carsic erosion which have left spectacular natural monuments, one of a kind in Europe.

The Ponte di Veja, is an exceptional stone arch, 50mt long which was probably formed 40 million years ago. The chasm of Spluga della Preta, at Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo, the Covolo of Camposilvano, a cavity which has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and the rock city in the Sfingi valley are all exceptional geological features.

In terms of museums, there is the Prehistoric and Palaeontology Museum at Sant'Anna d'Alfaedo and the Geo-Palaeontology Museum at Camposilvano whilst visitors can also stop by the educational flora and fauna centre of Malgo Derocon in the Lessinia park.

To the north of the village of Fumane, at Molina, there is the Waterfall park with waterfalls, pools and natural vegetation in an uncontaminated environment.


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