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The Courtyards & Villas

The courtyards & Villas

The route which winds its way through the hills of the Valpolicella on the discovery of the rural courtyards and landowner's villas, built mainly from the 15th century onwards with the start of the Venetian domination in the Veronese (1405-1797), is also very interesting.

The style of the villas in the Valpolicella varies as the architectural style was influenced over the course of the centuries by artist's tastes. These range from the villas built in the 1400s linked to the urban architecture at the late scaligera period (the end of the reign of the Della Scala family) to the residences built in the 1800 with obvious neoclassical lines.

The older villas (those from the 15th century onwards) have common structural elements such as the portico with the loggia and dove hole tower above it. Amongst the residences listed in the directory of the Veneto Villas are: Villa Santa Sofia, in Pedemonte close to San Pietro in Cariano designed by Andrea Palladio (16th century); Villa della Torre, in Fumane built in the Sanmichelian style (16th century); Villa Nichesola in Ponton, a hamlet of S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella, with the inside richly decorated by frescos from the late 1500s by Paolo Farinati; Villa Serego Alighieri in Gargagnago di Sant'Ambrogio set in a very pretty park; Villa Novare, in Arbizzano di Negrar, designed by Adriano Cristofoli, a well-known veronese architect from the 18th century; Villa Rizzardi in Negrar, designed by Luigi Trezza at the end of the 1700s.


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