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The Caves of Prun

The caves of Prun

Close to Prun, a hamlet in the Negrar area, visitors can see the caves from which the Lessinia stone (known as the "Prun rock" or "Lastrame") was excavated until the end of the 1950s. In the 1400s and 1500s trade of this rock made Negrar a blooming centre for business with a close relationship to Verona.

The caves are a series of tunnels made by the stone-cutters in the 1700s which go on for kilometres creating an impressive collection of underground passages, tunnels, and hollows in the belly of the mountain held up by enormous irregular shaped pillars.

The Prun rock excavated and worked in the roman times was used to build many important religious buildings and monuments. In the historic centre of Verona, Prun stone slabs were used to pave the squares and construct many important buildings. Piazza Erbe, the hub of city life and the Piazza del Tribunale are both important examples.

In Valpolicella and the nearby Lessinia, rural buildings were constructed covered by stone slabs. These settlements, spread all over the Valpolicella region, often developed around a courtyard with a dove hole tower which was necessary for defence and buildings for collective usage.

There are also many walls scattered around the Valpolicella landscape made out of Prun stone which were used to mark the boundaries of the lands.


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